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3 Foolproof Ways to Bring Up Independent Senior Living this Holiday Season

Independent Living has so many amazing benefits. So it’s easy to see why it would be an ideal

living arrangement for seniors. Whether you’re the child of senior parents, or ready to make

the move to an Independent Living community yourself, it’s important to know how to

effectively approach the topic. As the holiday season approaches and we begin to gather with

family and friends, here are three surefire ways to help you start the conversation about

Independent Senior Living:

Be informed

Before you raise the topic of senior living, make sure you’ve done your research. There are

plenty of myths and misinterpretations out there, so be sure to get the facts. Be clear about

needs, the different ways Independent Living might meet those needs, and what communities

might be the best fit. The better you understand what you’re proposing, the better your

conversations will go. Plus, if you’re talking to your parents, they’ll see that you’ve taken the

time to think this transition through and research it on their behalf. And they’ll likely be more

willing to hear you out.

Keep it casual

One great way to talk about Independent Living is to keep it casual. You don’t want the

conversation to feel like an intervention. When you think it’s the right time to talk to your loved

ones about making the move to an Independent Living community, try testing the waters

before you dive in. Find out how they feel about the idea and then adjust your conversation

accordingly. Every person thinks differently about senior living communities, so don’t be afraid

to tailor your strategy to your parents or loved ones’ needs and opinions.

Listen with love

Finally, keep in mind that your role in the discussion may be more about listening than

speaking. It’s difficult at any age to leave something we’re familiar with and move to a new

place. Focus on hearing them. And encourage them to explore and share how the prospect of

Independent Senior Living makes them feel. Some of their worries might be easy to resolve, but

other fears may require further research and a little patience. No matter how right this decision

may look on paper, it is a big deal. Give your loved ones the time, information and support they

need and they’ll make the move when they’re ready.

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