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Getting Through the Storms of Life

March is the month full of surprises.  March weather is the most unpredictable of the year. We may see more snow and freezing temperatures on an already winter-weary community.  Or it may present with warm-up expected as in spring days or the occasional unseasonably hot day.  March historically has been described as the lion or lamb on its entry and exit.  

Life can be a little like the month of March.  The wild weather of life is unpredictable.  Some mornings we wake up feeling like a lion, yet other days we present as a lamb.  The weariness of the cold and snow may indeed leave more “lion” days than lamb.  The gray days may result in an overall feeling of sadness.  We are left longing for sunshine and warmer weather, which we know are on the way.  Yet, those days do not seem to be coming soon enough.  Other symptoms include change in appetite, difficulty concentrating, irritability and oversleeping.  

Tips for helping you cope with the feelings that accompany those “lion” days.  

  • Exposure to day light.  Open your blinds daily and sit near the window.  Sunshine does wonders.
  • Stay active and participate in things that make you happy.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet – do not skip meals.
  • Exercise your body and mind.  Walk daily either indoors or outdoors when the temperature allows.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Stay connected with friends. 

Just like the unpredictability of March weather, the storms in life come and go.  You may be faced with the loss of a loved one, dealing with a physical illness, disappointment, or memory loss.  The list of life storms can feel endless, and our spirit may begin to sag.  It is during these storms that we need to lean on family and friends.  

Look around you and find people willing to provide kindness and caring when the unforeseeable life situations come knocking at your door.  Share the storm in your life with a friend or neighbor.  Sharing with another person is helpful.  Talk about your feelings.  Together, look forward to the sunshine of spring. 

Spring is the time to prepare and get excited for what is to come – warmer temperatures, new personal growth, new possibilities to get involved, and an opportunity to choose to be refreshed and renewed.  

There is something beautiful on the horizon – we call it spring. Anonymous

By Susie Ray, Marketing Director of The Arbordale, a 55+ active living community in Urbandale, Iowa. Learn more about having a comfortable and convenient spring season at

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