At The Arbordale, we understand that great amenities and beautiful surroundings are important. But what sets us apart is our friendly, welcoming staff. We are dedicated to fulfilling lives with a passion to help residents find the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. Our goal is to provide resources and support that bring joy to each day, making it easy to stay active and socially connected – making the most of what life has in store.

We recently moved in to The Arbordale. Our transition went very smoothly with the help of the staff. We are most impressed with the staff. They are all so helpful, friendly, and willing to assist in any way. A happy team makes for happy residents. We knew from the time we were greeted at the front door the first time; this was the place for us. We are so happy to be here.

Connie & Ronald – Residents

angie wadle
Angie Wadle, Executive Director

Angie’s care and concern for Arbordale residents is evident in everything she does. She is known for her big heart and kind demeanor yet brings strength to her role—always ready and able to find a solution to any challenge. Since starting in 2016, Angie has been dedicated to The Arbordale and its residents, building strong bonds and beautiful friendships along the way.

Nurturing a strong staff is important to Angie. She always makes time to listen and engage, both with staff and residents. As a former Activities Director, Angie exhibits a great balance of professionalism and a fun-loving, playful attitude. She is a large part of what makes The Arbordale a wonderful place to call home.

Angie wears many hats in her position & loves that every day is an adventure. You might catch her serving dinner to residents in the dining room or even see her sitting with a resident to trouble shoot their electronic device. She is there to help, no matter the problem. She truly enjoys connecting with residents & helping make their lives a little bit easier & more enjoyable at The Arbordale.

Angie Wadle (by Martha K, Arbordale resident for 3 years)
“We are so grateful & could not have asked for a more compassionate, caring, accomplished woman as our Executive Director, Angie Wadle, to lead us. Thank you, Angie.”

susie ray
Susie Ray, Marketing Director

Anyone looking to make a move to The Arbordale is certainly in luck with Susie on the job! Susie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her position and our community as a whole. Susie has a passion for the 55+ population and helping them live their best lives. She started at The Arbordale in 2011, and is a beloved part of our family.

Susie has a background in nursing. She did hospital nursing in cardiac critical care for a number of years. Her compassion and care for other humans is what drives her. She simply wants the best for everyone. After years of being a nurse, she decided to make a big career change and joined our team at The Arbordale.

Susie loves the fact that no two days are alike working with the 55+ population. As a compassionate, caring person, she gets to share her nurturing nature with residents on a daily basis. Susie says that working with seniors has been such an enjoyable, rewarding experience and keeps her heart full.

Susie loves working with people exploring the possibility of making a move to our active 55+ maintenance-free living community, as well as working with their extended families. Her vision, inspiration, and hopes are to create a home environment that like-minded folks will enjoy, continue to grow and learn, and be happy. Everyone on our team contributes to our community culture; being friendly, energized, engaged, and caring.

Susie Ray (by Shari S, Arbordale resident for 5 years)
“Susie is enthusiastic, determined, courteous, and straight forward. Her talents & experience are such an asset to our community, The Arbordale.”

amy palmer
Amy Palmer, Activities Director

Amy became part of The Arbordale team in 2019. She was ready, willing, and able to jump in with both feet from the start. She has a great sense of being part of a team and sharing camaraderie. Amy welcomes everyone with a friendly smile and a cheerful tone in her voice. And her laugh, it is contagious! She has a way of making residents feel special with her kind and thoughtful manner. She is attentive to everyone’s needs, offering a listening ear and support to all.

The fact that each day at The Arbordale is filled with variety, speaks to Amy’s creative side and sense of adventure. Amy describes herself as a “Jill of All Trades.” Her role as Activities Director allows her to utilize most of her creative skills in one place. She is always keeping the residents guessing as to what fun events might be coming up on the activity calendar. She is energetic and a master at multitasking.

Once you meet Amy, she is not someone that you will ever forget! We feel very lucky to have her as a part of our family at The Arbordale.

Amy Palmer (by Ardith J, Arbordale resident for 11 years)
“We all enjoy Amy’s creativity as she plans our activities. With her bubbly personality, she comes up with so many ways to brighten our days.”

rosie mulaosmanovic
Chef Rosie Mulaosmanovic

To know Chef Rosie is to love Chef Rosie. The Arbordale is so fortunate to have had her on staff for the past 15 years, providing delicious meals to residents. Our residents adore Rosie and are quick to compliment her cooking.

Rosie is eager to please with a healthy variety of made-from-scratch dishes on her menu. From her savory beef wellington to her very popular taco salad, there is something for everyone. Rosie does a nice job of providing a variety of meal options to residents and also accommodates for gluten-free needs.

Rosie’s attention to detail and experience cooking makes this more than just a meal but rather an experience that will leave you craving more!

Rosie Mulaosmanovic (by Nancy S, Arbordale resident for 5 years)
“Rosie is a Rock Star chef! You will be hard pressed to find a community whose chef has been serving residents for as long as she has. Homemade meals by Rosie are 5 stars!“